Cat Training Made Easy

Even a dog can learn these cat training techniques

Cat training techniques for cats of all ages

It doesn’t matter how old your cat is, he/she can be trained if you, the owner, have enough knowledge and, of course, patience to learn some simple cat training techniques

Cat training is very different from dog training !


Because cats are very independent creatures and they can thrive even without having an owner.

They don’t NEED us around them, they WANT us around them.

This is why even if cats are very independent, they are also probably the most loyal and loving pets.

Most people don’t have any knowledge about cat training because they think cats are too independent and maybe lack the intelligence necessary for trainingā€¦

These people are very wrong!

You can teach a cat ANYTHING you want if you know how!

This Is What You Will Learn Here!

The title says it all: Cats And Kittens Training

This means that with the methods you will find here you can wisely train your kitten from a very early age. You can also use these cat training techniques on an old cat, so no matter what the age of your cat is, you will be able to train him/her !

  • Some think that you shouldn’t train your cat because you can disrupt their character.
  • Some think you shouldn’t train your cat because that is cruelty.
  • Some think that old cats should just be let aloneā€¦
  • A lot of people think that cat training is impossible and it’s not worth their effort.

You know what, if you’re part of these people, it is a sure thing that you are implementing the wrong cat training techniques, you have been misinformed, you don’t believe your cat is smart enough, or you’re just lazy and want all the benefits of having a cat but you don’t want the responsibilities.

I really hope you’re not part of these people, and the fact that you’re on, researching cat training methods, shows me that you’re not.

A properly trained and disciplined cat is probably the most loving and loyal companion, and it keeps him/her out of harm’s way.

The main reason you must learn proper cat training techniques and discipline you cat is not to show off all the cool tricks it can do, in front of your friends.

The cat’s health and safety should be the main reason.

Because a cat that, for example, chews electric cables, scratches furniture, bites and scratches you or your family, runs around the house and around the street all day, eats whatever it finds, and the list can go on and on, that cat is in great danger physically, mentally and it’s not the pleasant, loving and loyal companion it can be after you implement the correct cat training techniques.

  • The first step in training your cat is actually making sure it’s healthy, and health, in most part, is due to the food the cat eats.

Here you will also find out exactly what kind of food is healthy for your cat. You also need to get your cat checked regularly by a veterinarian doctor and make sure you either don’t overfeed it, a lot of “apartment cats” suffer from obesity because their owners are overfeeding them.

The second step is to make sure that when you are disciplining or performing any kind of cat training, you are very calm and very confident in you and your cat, never ever discipline your cat in an angry manner because than the cat will become distant from you or even scared of you.

  • The third step is to make everyone in your household aware that the cat doesn’t belong just to one person, it belongs to everyone in your house and it can be influenced by anyone who’s living with you. For example, if you teach your cat to stay off the kitchen table, and a member of your household, one day, asks the cat to jump on the table, the cat will most likely “forget” that it’s not allowed to do that.
  • The fourth step is to make sure you interact with your cat as often as possible, do some fun activities with it to tighten the bond between you two, and this way the cat will also develop a very strong thrust in you and it will make cat training very easy for you. Also make sure that everyone else in your household interacts with the cat, and if you have other cats or dogs in your house, let them interact also, just make sure to supervise the first contact between them, if you are getting a new cat or dog.
  • The fifth step is to get the correct information about cat training and cat nutrition, and also learn new ways to pamper your cat, you will learn all these things here, so you will have no problems implementing the cat training techniques that are suitable for your kitty.