Cat Training Made Easy

Even a dog can learn these cat training techniques

Instincts and Habits

In order for people to understand that cat training is possible, and it’s actually quite easy, they (and you) must understand how a cat’s mind works. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the boring science stuff away so everyone will understand what habits and instincts are.

Instincts are part of the cat’s genetic code. They help the cat survive and care for it’s kittens. These instincts are present from the day they are born until the day they die. Instincts can’t be modified or removed by cat training, and they shouldn’t be. Also, instincts alone are not responsible for a cat’s actions or they personality. If a cat would live it’s life according to it’s instincts, all cats would act exactly the same, and they wouldn’t make good companions.

This is where the habits come into play. Every cat has different habits, influenced by it’s life experience. This is why some cats are very friendly, some are aggressive and some just run away when they see someone. All these cats lived different experiences that influenced their habits.

For example, if a cat is loved and cared for, it’s not going to be aggressive nor it will run away every time someone gets close to is. That cat still has all the feline instincts, but because it wasn’t abused and it’s used to people, it has a friendly habit witch tells it’s survival instinct that there’s no danger.

What people need to understand is that habits can actually be changed. Of course this requires patience and knowledge. You’ll find the necessary techniques here for basic cat training and behavior training, just use the navigation bar on the left of the screen, also, please don’t forget to shere us with your friends on twitter and facebook, thank you for your visit.