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Introducing a new kitten

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Introducing a new kitten to a household where there are no other pets or children is extremely easy.

A kitten hasn’t yet fully developed it’s instincts and it’s habits are virtually non-existent. This is why the new kitten needs guidance in everything, from showing it where the food and water bowl is to teaching it what is and isn’t allowed in your house.

You’ll learn all these things here, like how to teach your new kitten how to stay off the table, how to use the litter box and so on. Just use the navigation bar on the left of the screen.

When introducing a new kitten when there are no other pets around, all you need is a bit of time, patience and of course, knowledge.

The first thing you need to show the new kitten is where it’s food bowl is. It’s actually recommended that you don’t feed the kitten right before you bring it home. This is because it will accommodate a bit faster to your home if it understands “that’s where the food is”. If it’s not hungry, play with it a little, give it attention and affection, but no treats or things like that. After playing with it a little, see if the new kitten is hungry. If the new kitten starts eating, this means the accommodation process has begun. After the new kitten ate, don’t play with it, because if it does physical activities just after it ate, the new kitten might have stomach pain and even throw up, so be gentle.

After the new kitten finished eating, gently pick it up and place it in the litter box. Make sure it’s clean. Usually kittens have a very fast metabolism, so it may need to “go to the bathroom” right after it eats.

It may not know what to do in the litter box the first time it sees it, so you might need to put the kitten in yourself a couple of times before it realizes that’s the toilet. Once the new kitten knows where the food and litter box are, the only thing you need to do, so it fully accommodates to you and your household is to give it as much love and attention as you can.

See, it is very easy to introduce a new kitten to your household, the engaging part begins after it’s accommodated to you and your house. You need to educate it and even train it to do or don’t do certain things. But that and a lot more is covered in other articles on this site, just use the navigation bar on the left.

Thank you for visiting, your new kitten is proud of you for seeking information before taking action.