Cat Training Made Easy

Even a dog can learn these cat training techniques

Preparing Yourself

Before implementing any kind of cat training techniques, you, the owner, must prepare yourself mentally and physically.

A lot of cat training guides and courses don’t focus enough, or don’t focus at all on preparing the owner before he/she even tries to discipline or teach the cat anything.

Cat training must not only focus on the cat, the owner must behave and act in a certain way before even thinking about teaching their cat something.

Cats are very sensitive and they can feel what psychological condition their owner is in, so, for any cat training techniques to succeed, you, the owner, must be in a correct state of mind.

For example, if one day you come back from work, exhausted, stressed, nervous, that is probably the worst time to try any cat training techniques, the cat will feel your state of mind and will probably avoid you or not really listen to your commands.

Of course this depends on your cat’s character, some cats are “therapists”, when they feel that you are in a poor state, they will actually come to you and give you “huge doses of cuteness” so you’ll feel better.

Never try any cat training techniques when:

  • You feel nervous
  • You are excessively stressed
  • You have recently been in a conflict with someone
  • You are ill or you feel physically week
  • You had insufficient sleep and feel fatigued

Basically don’t try any cat training techniques if you are not in a good state of mind, or you physically feel week, because you risk driving your cat away from you, emotionally speaking.

Because our modern lives are more and more demanding, very few people can actually be in a perfect state of mind. Many things can take their toll on our bodies and minds, like stress from work, stress from our relationships, insufficient sleep and so on.

This is why it is very important to teach your body how to relax so you will not only succeed in your cat training actions, but also at work and in your personal life.

To help you teach your body to relax, you can download a free guide on this website.

To do that, just right click the link below, and depending on your operating system, chose save as or save link as, or just click the ling to see the guide without saving it to your computer.

This guide is only made to help you learn how to relax, there are no cat training techniques in it.

You can browse the website to find the cat training techniques you wish to use, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, come back at a later time, because the website is in development, or click on “Suggestions” on the right, and tell us what you will like to know and we will do our best to post new advices regarding your needs.
Thank you for visiting our website, we are sure you will succeed with the cat training techniques you’ll learn here.